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Cookie Tubes 1.5 Oz Choffee Bar
"Hint of Mint" Cookie Tube1.5 Oz Choffee Bar

6 or 9 Hint of Mint Cookies in a clear plastic tube.

1.5 ounces of gourmet chocolate blended with Jamaican coffee in a convenient three section bar.



4 Piece Truffle Box 6 pc Truffle Box
4 Piece Truffle Box6 pc Truffle Box

A white box filled with 4 of our delectible tuffles in your choice of flavors, Raspberry, Lemon Drop, Kahlua Crunch, Rocky Road or 1 of each.

This gold box holds 6 of Candy Man's newest creation, Chocolate Truffles.  You can pick from Raspberry, Lemon, Kahlua Crunch, or Rocky Road.



Candy Man Sampler Tin 1C Gold Candy Man Tin
Candy Man Sampler TinCookie Tin

A collection of some of our most popular confections: 2 of our cream filled sandwich cookies enrobed in our "Hint of Mint" Dark Chocolate 2 pieces of "White Golden Crunch": a blend of crunchy peanut butter, pretzel pieces, and white chocolate...

16 delicious mint chocolate covered, chocolate cream sandwhich cookies in a decorative tin



Million Dollar Fudge 18 Hint of Mint Cookies
Million Dollar Fudge Hint of Mint Cookies in Hard Bottom Bag

Candy Man has added chopped pecans to his rich and creamy Million Dollar Fudge.   This lucious treat comes with 6 or 12 pieces and with or without pecans, in a gold striped bag.

6 or 12  Delicious "Hint of Mint" Cookies in a clear cello bag.



Golden Crunch Dark Chocolate Covered Marshmallows
Golden Crunch in Hard Bottom Bag8 Dark Chocolate Covered Marshmallows

  Golden Crunch in a Hard Bottom Bag

8 Dark Chocolate Covered Marshmallows