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A Bat and a Cat Baby Gold Box with Stripes
A Bat and a CatBaby Gold Box with Stripes
One of Candy Man's Fruit Bouquets geared toward Halloween gatherings. Made with honeydew melon, oranges,chocolate coated apples, pineapple, and strawberries. Made fresh daily. Free delivery with 15 miles of Kennesaw, GA. Call for availability....

A Gold box with a clear top filled with 12 of our "Hint of Mint" Cookies, stripped in blue, pink, or yellow.



Baby Shower Gold Box Bow Boxes
Baby Shower Gold BoxBow Boxes

A gold box filled with 12 of our "Hint of Mint" cookies, each topped with an edible baby item candy.  Your choice of blue (boy), pink (girl) , or yellow ("it's a secret").

Our Bow Boxes come in 2 sizes 12 or 36 Count and 3 Different Designs.



Choc Stix ChocStix for Baby
Choc StixChocStix for Baby

A pretzel rod dipped in either white or dark chocolate  currently striped in blue, pink and yellow.

A pretzel rod dipped in dark gourmet chocolate, then striped to fit your needs, either blue, pink or yellow.  These can be individually packaged or sold in a set.



Dancing Trees Market Basket Golf Tin
Dancing Trees Market BasketGolf Tin

Our Holiday Market Basket comes illed with 24,36, or 48 of our "Hint of Mint" cookies.

Even if your dad doesn't play golf, he will enjoy a tin of Miss Lily's "Hint of Mint" cookies. After all, dads love chocolate too! Each cookie is topped with an edible sugar layon in a variety of golf shoes, bags, greens and tees.



Here's Looking at you! Holly and Berry Tin
Here's Looking at you!Holly and Berry Tin
Another arrangement for Halloween gatherings. A mix of cantaloupe wedges, grapes, gourmet dark chocolate coated pineapple slices, apples wedges dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with toffee chips, and "eyes" made of white chocolate coated...

New this year is our Holly and Berry tin filled with 16 "Hint of Mint" cookies.



Rocekfellar Center Tin Sweet Heart Tin
Rocekfellar Center TinSweet Heart Tin
This new tin contains 44 of Miss Lily's Hint of Mint Cookies.

Our Sweetheart Tin comes filled with our "Hint of Mint" cookies and is available in three sizes, 16 or 44 count.