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Bow Boxes Bucket of Gold
Bow BoxesBucket of Gold
Our Bow Boxes come in 2 sizes 12 or 36 Count and 3 Different Designs.

For maximum Good Luck, try our Bucket of Gold.  A gold rectangular tin filled with 8 of our "Hint of Mint" Cookies, striped in green, 4 "pot o' Gold" truffles, 4 Hint of Mint" gold coins and 4 green shamrocks made from gourmet white chocolate.



Candy Man Sampler Tin 1C Gold Candy Man Tin
Candy Man Sampler TinCookie Tin

A collection of some of our most popular confections: 2 of our cream filled sandwich cookies enrobed in our "Hint of Mint" Dark Chocolate 2 pieces of "White Golden Crunch": a blend of crunchy peanut butter, pretzel pieces, and white chocolate...

16 delicious mint chocolate covered, chocolate cream sandwhich cookies in a decorative tin



Glass Duet Plate Golf Tin
Glass Duet PlateGolf Tin

One colored fused glass plate in two or more colors with Hint of Mint Cookies. 5" plate comes with 5 cookies and the 8" plate comes with 14 cookies.

Even if your dad doesn't play golf, he will enjoy a tin of Miss Lily's "Hint of Mint" cookies. After all, dads love chocolate too! Each cookie is topped with an edible sugar layon in a variety of golf shoes, bags, greens and tees.



Love Letters Market Basket
Love LettersMarket Basket
This tin comes filled with 36 of Miss Lily's "Hint of Mint" Cookies.

Our Market Basket is currently available in the pictured "Chocolate Swirl" basket or our "Wild Hearts" Basket. Your basket comes filled with a mix of our Gourmet Chocolates: Hint of Mint cookies, Golden Crunch, Million Dollar Fudge(with or...



Nalley Cookie Tin Spring  Market Basket
Nalley Cookie TinSpring Market Basket

A  Gold CandyMan tin filled with 36 of Miss Lily's Hint of Mint Cookies.

Our "Spring Market Baskets come filled with your choice of either "Hint of Mint" Cookies or a sampler of Hint of Mint Cookies, Golden Crunch, Raspbherry, Kahlua Crunch, Rocky Road Truffles, and Chocstix and your choice of sizes: 12, 24, or 36 count.



Sunbathers Tin Sunset Garden Tin
Sunbathers TinSunset Garden Tin
This tin comes filled with 36 of Miss Lily's "Hint of Mint" CookiesThis tin is suitable for all occasions and comes filled with 36 of Miss Lily's "Hint of Mint" Cookies.