Welcome to Candy Man Inc.!

The Candy Man began in 1981 when Miss Lily Barnes began creating delicious, handcrafted chocolate treates for her store, "The Bon Bon Boutique."

Her husband, Billy, carried them with him, sharing them with people during his day. Eventually, they began calling him his nickname, "The Candy Man".

In 2000, Miss Lily became ill and was unable to keep managing her business. Billy stepped in to help her run her shop. Retiring from his career, and combining their love for chocolates, changed their name to Candy Man Inc.

In 2005 Miss Lily fell to her illness. Soon after, their grandson Nick came on board. Today Billy and nick keep her dream strong, by bringing Miss Lily's love of sweets to You!

All of our chocolate is handmade and packaged in the USA!

Thank you for visiting us!

Here are some testimonials. These are based on a rating scale given to customers with a 1 being WOW:

"About your chocolate covered mint cookies that were a gift to me from Lexus, my rating is 1, 1, 1 = wow! Wow, WOW!"

Bernard B.


"This is the second tin of your cookies that I have received. It has to be the very best cookie I have ever put in my mouth. I won't share them with anyone. They are definitely a #1 WOW!!!!!"

Judy S.


"We are finishing off a tin of your cookies and they are fabulous."

Karen C.


"Thanks for delivering the cookies. It feels like Christmas at work. . . :)"

Emily G.